Nissan Certified Collision Repair Network

Nissan-validated Collision Repair Solution For Nissan Owners

Certified Collision

Why Choose a Nissan Certified Collision Center?

Certified Collision Centers deliver the exceptional repair experience Nissan owners deserve. They meet or exceed Nissan’s standards for repair work, training, equipment, and delivery of customer service. For a timely, high-quality repair, we recommend choosing a Nissan Certified Collision Center.

Safety Shield Technologies

Sophisticated Technologies Require Skilled Repairs

Nissan’s Safety Shield® Technologies rely on sophisticated sensors, radars, and cameras located throughout the vehicle. It’s imperative your vehicle is repaired and recalibrated to manufacturer specifications by skilled and trained professionals after a loss. Post-repair scanning is required to ensure that all built in safety and Nissan Intelligent Driving systems are working following any repairs.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Departure Prevention (LDP)

When you start to drift from your lane, Lane Departure Warning system alerts you with a visual warning on the display and an audible signal. [*] If Lane Departure Prevention detects that you are still straying from your lane, it will engage and gently help guide you back. [*] Nissan Genuine Glass has been precisely designed to help allow your Safety Shield technologies to "see" through the glass.

Repair Excellence

Meeting the Highest Standards


Nissan Certified Collision Centers achieve I-CAR® Gold Class® designation, an industry training standard, and complete supplementary training specific to Nissan vehicles.


Certified Collision Centers are required to maintain a clean and professional space in the customer lounge and inside and outside the shop.

Customer Satisfaction System

Certified Collision Centers are committed to customer satisfaction with a customer satisfaction survey system to ensure that they are meeting your needs.

Inspection and Certification

Through a third party, Nissan inspects all Certified Collision Centers to verify proper equipment, facility cleanliness, and overall shop operation. Training verification is also performed on an ongoing basis.

Certified Collision

Precision Tools and Techniques

Nissan Certified Collision Centers are required to have the tools and equipment necessary to properly repair Nissan vehicles back to manufacturer specifications.

Pre- And
Post-Repair Scanning

Nissan requires post-repair scanning of all vehicle systems for 2008 Nissan vehicles and newer.